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From murder to USC masters student

June 13, 2022 Benjamin Frandsen Season 2 Episode 1
Ben Free Podcast
From murder to USC masters student
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18 years after being imprisoned and a drawn-out legal battle of unjust factual debacles, Benjamin Frandsen continues his firsthand true-crime drama account. He beat the same life sentence 5 times!

Season 2 is packed with recounts of never-before-heard highlights of nearly two decades of incarceration and his new successes as a free man.

Since his physical release in December 2021, Ben has been sharing with quality guests about the patience and the doubt, the due diligence, the fear, and the profound faith needed to abstain from violence without becoming its victim.  This fall, 2022.  Model inmate turned 2022 UCLA student, Ben is an award-winning writer, public speaker, content creator, and 2nd-chance model citizen.

These inspiring accounts will captivate the mind and free the spirit, inspiring hope in those battling on behalf of the wrongfully accused and for those of us who will appreciate a new understanding of what is meant by true freedom.

Notwithstanding a heavy dose of true-crime drama surrounding real victims, these podcasts will transport you from seemingly hopeless to hope-filled and set free.

Our first guest to start off the new season we have James DeBacco author of acclaimed book Bridges to Freedom.  James spent decades in prison for murder, but used that time to recreate himself. After finally being granted parole from his life sentence, he now holds a BA in social work major at USC. He is a case manager and advocate helping parolees recently released. This week Ben walks him through his story of change from a lost killer to an enriched of lives. 

Types of counsel
Make sense
Give thanks
The virtual screen
Give his life back
His book
Knew nothing about computers
Traffic and lines
Looking at people
Cover of WHeaties
Jack who?
One door closes
What do you want out of life