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Why Do These Two Keep Going to Prison—on Purpose???

March 09, 2022 Benjamin Frandsen Season 1 Episode 8
Ben Free Podcast
Why Do These Two Keep Going to Prison—on Purpose???
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  From the day the FBI arrested him in 2003 and told him the government was seeking the death penalty, Benjamin Frandsen labored fiercely for his release. His case was overturned twice on appeal (his third trial will likely be overturned again this year), and he was found suitable for parole three times in a row.  Five separate times he beat LIFE in California.  After 18 years fighting a sentence that began as Life Without the Possibility of Parole, the Parole Board finally released him on December 10, 2021

Merced College professors Jennifer McBride and Dr. Hoyt discuss with Ben the powerful experiences they have had behind the walls with their incarcerated students, and how they have each witnessed new insights and epiphanies springing up behind prison walls. Ben shares how crucial it was for him to have that in-person instruction while in prison and how many lives he saw it change.

Met in composition class
Reform and education is healthy
Hear the students voices
Unofficial mentor
Make is assessable
Social life
Narrative and story
Fiction or non fiction?
Not being allowed to call someone a prisoner or .....
No criminal record at all
Success story
Benito shoutout
The student investment
walk away from it
Any college at all .....
Finishing his PhD