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THREE Wrongfully Convicted Men Are STILL ROTTING in California Prison

March 01, 2022 Benjamin Frandsen Season 1 Episode 7
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THREE Wrongfully Convicted Men Are STILL ROTTING in California Prison
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    From the day the FBI arrested him in 2003 and told him the government was seeking the death penalty, Benjamin Frandsen labored fiercely for his release. His case was overturned twice on appeal (his third trial will likely be overturned again this year), and he was found suitable for parole three times in a row.  Five separate times he beat LIFE in California.  After 18 years fighting a sentence that began as Life Without the Possibility of Parole, the Parole Board finally released him on December 10, 2021

 Ben invites AJ Mora back and calls out the system over three innocent men—railroaded, convicted, and still rotting in Golden State prisons:

     1:  Derrick Snowden—sentenced to double life without parole PLUS 70, on no physical evidence, for a double murder that his sister had confessed to;

     2: Thomas Martin—at the age of 49, sentenced to 19 YEARS for an imaginary and mechanically impossible burglary,  based on bogus phone records and the testimony of a proven perjurer;

     3: Eseqiel Paul Garcia—no criminal record, investment financier, and one of HP’s youngest executives framed by crooked police and current San Jose DA Rosen, using coerced police informants, and altered cell phone data.

Thomas Martin's case...
Being charged with stalking and burglary
Her story
The problem she forgot to alter page 2
I think I know who it is
Still in prison
Not real phone records
Derrick Snowden story
No evidence nothing
In the news
Pastor of a church
Paul Garcia story
Fired and left
Craziness in the world
Larry David
You're my number one
If each person wrote one letter the effect it would have
Make a difference