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Finding the HERO in All of US

February 11, 2022 Benjamin Frandsen Season 1 Episode 4
Ben Free Podcast
Finding the HERO in All of US
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  From the day the FBI arrested him in 2003 and told him the government was seeking the death penalty, Benjamin Frandsen labored fiercely for his release. His case was overturned twice on appeal (his third trial will likely be overturned again this year), and he was found suitable for parole three times in a row.  Five separate times he beat LIFE in California.  After 18 years fighting a sentence that began as Life Without the Possibility of Parole, the Parole Board finally released him on December 10, 2021

This week, Ben dives deep with his former colleague and longtime friend, Peter Shiao—financier, activist, financier, global mediator, and Founder/CEO of Immortal Studios.  They delve into prison reform, embracing the possibility of redemption, and how to find the hero in all of us.

The samurai story
Authentic cultures
Second project
Questioned by the FBI
Peace officer conduct?
Highlight redemption
Given the opportunity
Eating biscuits in the PEN
Stories show how we feel
Martial Arts in his case
You can't remember everything you say to everyone
Direct impact
Conversation about creating better lives
Food stamps for groceries
Thank you for coming Peter